Unbelievable Sci-Fi Weapons That Already Exist

The answer to the question of "what if science fiction weapons could exist" can be found in a few paragraphs down this page. In our present period there are a lot of sci-fi weapons concepts that already exist, but none that are close to being capable of actually killing humans or of taking over the world. However, there are some superweapons that science fiction writers have already come up with that do appear to be quite frightening. Some of these superweapons are.

This is one of the most incredible lines of reasoning that I have ever heard when thinking about the future of warfare. One of the most unbelievable sci-fi weapons that already exist and that can kill people with precision is the idea of ​​using robotic killing machines which operate via remote control to go into places and kill people with laser-directed energy. These types of exoskeletons are also called autonomous bots and will be able to move around without the need for a human to be right next to it unless of course it is completely robotic and can talk. There are also other types of robotic exoskeletons that shoot missiles, make landings on enemy soldiers, and other equally incredible feats. Although these incredible technologies are way out of proportion compared to actual killing machines in the real world, you still have to consider that these robots will be able to move around undetected and they will not need a human to take them out because they will simply get up and leave on their own.

One of the most incredible ideas I've ever heard is that we may be able to use microscopic force fields which will then break up an enemy soldier's armor by generating an incredibly strong magnetic field. These force fields will then attach themselves to the armor of the soldier and this will allow the soldiers to have much better mobility and be much more durable. We also know that some insects can fly and sting and these insects are quite effective at taking out enemy soldiers by deploying and building their bodies up around some sort of force field. These are only a few of the incredible ideas that are out there, but I'm sure that there is something out there that you will never even think about that can blow your mind.

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