Thailand Attractions - Bangkok

Bangkok is what you would expect from the largest city of Thailand: noisy, bustling, colorful, fascinating, exciting, and smile-generating. It also has temples, old historical sites, and numerous other interesting attractions to be seen. What makes Bangkok so special is its mix of eastern and western cultures, the Thai people, the climate, the food (which is both delicious and traditional), the people themselves, and most of all, the Bangkok culture. The city is truly something special.

Bangkok is perhaps best known for being a hot tourist destination; this however is not entirely true as Bangkok has many other tourist attractions apart from being the top choice of those who want to spend their holidays in the country. Bangkok has some of the most spectacular and lively beaches in the world. In addition to the beaches, Bangkok has some wonderful places to eat and drink around Bangkok, like the nightclubs and the bars in Central Bangkok, the so-called "ornament of Bangkok" that have an excellent blend of live music, delicious Thai food, cool drinks, and friendly locals. Some of the other popular nightlife hot spots around Bangkok include Sukhumvit, Patpong, Siam, Phuket, and the many bars and pubs in the vicinity of the Soi Bangla.

Other tourist attractions in Bangkok include the Grand Palace, the Central Business District, the Chatuchak Market, the National Museum, the Grand Palace Museum, the Royal Forest Department, the Thailand Association for Art and Culture, the Thailand Museum, the Thailand Forum, the Thailand National Gallery, and much more. Bangkok is truly a city of contrasting contrasts and attractions, from quiet and serene backwaters to bustling metropolitan areas with amazing architecture and shopping malls. No matter which attractions you're into, Bangkok is the perfect destination for your next vacation.

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