Most Beautiful Albanian Women

 The most beautiful women of this land are the result of a unique combination of several cultural and geographic elements, with the main focus on the history, geography, and traditions of diverse Albania. This region has been independent of the rest of the island since the 7th century when the last of the Banus (Banks) tribe disappeared from the face of the Earth. Here, a unique blend of several ethnicities has intermarried, resulting in a cultural blending that can be seen in the most beautiful of the women of the world. The women of this province have strong connections to their roots: their ancestors lived and died in this region, and they tend to stay connected to their past through song, dance, poetry, and storytelling.

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As an award-winning fashion designer, Mariam turned to model after struggling with her music career. However, it was difficult for her to find success in the competitive world of show business. She finally realized that her talents could be put to use in front of the camera by becoming one of the most popular and accomplished actresses on all of television. Mariam's success in the world of entertainment has been rewarded with numerous awards including an Academy Award for her role as the glamorous singer and actress; Jewel in the Crown.

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