Bizarre Beauty Treatments

Appearing as disgusting barbed objects, snail products have always been a popular subject when it comes to weird beauty treatments. Looking back at history, most strange beauty treatments began with snail shells. People did not know how they had acquired the snail shells, but people certainly did appreciate their beauty. Caring for snail shells is not exactly a child's play, but it can be done easily with a little bit of knowledge and a lot of patience. For snail lovers of all ages, it would be a pleasant surprise to find a live snail embedded inside a pretty piece of jewelry or adorning a pretty face.

Relating snails with odd beauty treatments sounds way too far-fetched. But actually, snails have always been considered weird by many people. In modern times, however, snail serum has also gained popularity as an ingredient in many popular beauty products. The serum, which contains various types of snails (including red-eared slider, fire shrimp, leatherback turtle, and snapping shrimp) helps make skin look luminous, soft, and even dewy. This weird concoction is used in most skincare products, especially products meant for the face.

Another of these bizarre beauty treatments involves using leeches. There have been several claims over the years that using leeches can help restore youthful skin to its previous look. Although there is not much scientific evidence on the effectiveness of leech therapy, it may just be the most bizarre beauty treatment available.

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