Best Travel Tips to Trang Koh Phangan, Thailand

 A treasure of the Golden Triangle region, Ko Kradan is frequently cited as the most beautiful of all Trang Koh Phangan islands, and many writers have described it as one of the best Thai beaches. Despite these high accolades, Ko Kradan has not been overly developed. Its sandy beaches are still mostly shaded by towering rocks, its white sand is not particularly soft or powdery, and there's no shortage of things to do and see. However, what many tourists do not realize is that some hidden treasures in Ko Kradan may be just as beautiful.

For example, the longtail is the fastest-growing type of Thai boat tour, with more visitors discovering this interesting form of travel during the last few years. Longtail boats (called "long tracks") generally carry fewer tourists and offer a more intimate experience, because they're able to cover longer stretches of water. These boats are also easier to find compared to others, so you can easily find a resort offering the service. However, there's another hidden treasure in Ko Kradan - Koh Chang, which is located to the north of Ko Kradan, is becoming a major tourist attraction for those interested in snorkeling, diving, and other underwater adventure activities. If you want to try something new, but stay on the East Coast, you might be better off going to Koh Chang.

The sunset beach of Ko Kradan is not just perfect for enjoying the sun, however. Like Koh Chang, sunset beach (called "the beach") is also becoming a favorite of tourists who come to Trang Koh Phangan. Sunset beach is a little bit more developed, so there are more hotels and restaurants around, but the atmosphere is still as lovely as it was in its quieter neighborhood. A good place to start hiking is Wat Khanad, which has a small but very nice waterfall.

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