Animals That Scientists Want To De-Extinguish

The quest for the elusive species of Animals that Scientists wanted to de-extinct began in the 1800s. Primatologists, or study animals the behavior and traits that separate them from all other animals. During this time, a great deal of research was done on the characteristics of various species and how they fit in with one another. Much research was also done on the habits and lifestyles of these animals. These are the main tools used in the field to determine the viability of a species for extinction.

While it is still not common to send animals for de-extinguishment, some scientists feel that it should become more commonplace in the future. Studies have shown that there are currently too many species alive in the world to be able to take even one away, and if the trend continues, there will not be any more animals left to study. This means that the knowledge of animal behavior will be incomplete if there are no methods for removing these species from the Earth. Because of this, the research that is done will no longer be able to provide insight on how to de-extinguish an animal or what method to use to accomplish this.

Over the years, there have been multiple ways in which to de-extinguish animals, and the methods that have been proven to work vary. Some scientists feel that by shooting these animals with chemicals, the death of the animal will be instantaneous. Others prefer burning the animal to attempt to extinguish its life. Still, others believe that by releasing certain elements into the air, the extinction rate can be slowed down and animals that scientists want to de-extinguish can be reintroduced into the Earth again.

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