Five Animals Who Never Get a Nail Treatment in Movies

Many famous and interesting films have made their mark on American culture, but none of them can be called the classics of the genre. Some of these movies deal with great moral dilemmas while others are just bizarre and hilarious pictures full of weird characters and unusual plotlines. But there are a handful of movies that stand out from the rest as the cream of the crop of classic animal movies. Here are my favorites:

Animals (Movie) This movie stands out in the pantheon of classic animal movies because it tells the story of an abused puppy that tries to rise above his circumstances by exhibiting outstanding qualities that are unique only to him. What makes this movie so special is the touching portrayal of the man's loneliness, the passion he feels for his dog, and the admiration and loyalty of the other characters have for the well-behaved puppy. When the movie was released in 1980, it was a huge success and went on to receive multiple awards including an Academy Award for Best Picture. and realizes that there are rats on board. This movie is a classic coming-of-age story about acceptance and friendship.

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