DIY Note Money Counting Machine – Made out of Cardboard!!

Have a bundle of cash that needs to be accounted for accurately but don’t see the sense in investing in a money counting machine? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With these 17 steps, you’ll be able to make a cash country machine withinconfines of your home, using just cardboard!!

1 - Along with a pencil and with the help of a ruler, draw the following shape on piece cardboard.
2 – Using a cutter, neatly cut across the lines of the shape drawn. You should be left with a cut out which looks like this.
3 – Using some cardboard, cut out the following shapes (on either side and above the main cut-out).
4 – Using glue, stick the newly cut cardboard to the initial cut-out.
5 – Cut out another piece of cardboard and stick it onto the cardboard structure, such that it looks as follows.
6 – With the help of glue, stick two springs on either side of the structure in the following manner.
7 – Next cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard and stick if over the springs as follows.
8 – Insert 2 toothpicks through the cardboard machine and cut off their edges, such that it looks as follows.
9 – The cardboard resting on top of the toothpicks must move up and down on being pushed.
10 – Apply a cardboard of the following shape on top and stick it with glue.
11 – Further stick another piece of cardboard in the following manner, such that you can push the structure up and down using it.This is where the money will be inserted when you’re finally done making this.
12 – On a piece of paper, draw a circle with a radius of 2.5 cm and cut it out. Do this activity 4 times over. Stick 2 of these together, such that you have two pairs of circles.
13 – Cut a straight lines across a rectangular piece of cardboard, such that is has a length of 10cm and a width of 3.5 cm.
14 – The circle must be stuck on either side of the newly formed structure. 15 – The newly formed structure must be attached to the initial structure in the following manner. Add a
16 – Add wires and weld it to each side of the machine as follows.
17 – Connect the wires to a power supply, ensure there is electricity flowing through the wire onto both sides, and let the machine count your money. You’re done!
18 – Stick a white tape and attach it to the device and number it – such that the device automatically tells you how many notes are present. You’re done!

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