Creativity Fully Functional Lock with Cardboard

Creativity is a process by through you can make something new and interesting. It may be done without any loss but not without any effort or thinking. Creativity may be come from any unique idea or maybe from a joke or maybe from any scientific theory. A person who does the creativity is called a creative person.

We use the locks which are made of metal and it opens by the keys. Sometimes, the lock goes wrong and it causes a problem for us. We may be face problem by opening or closing the lock. So, why don't we go for creativity and make a lock by creativity by our self which is called Handmade.

We can make a lock. We just need something like Cardboard, plastic roll, though paper, hard cardboard, glue, syringes, marker to draw an idea, drill machine, cutter and by these things we can make a FULL FUNCTIONAL LOCK.

How to make?

It’s a simple method we just have to use our mind we just roll a cardboard and make the holes inside this in a line in a correct manner than we roll the paper and stick them with a glue and after that we take a plastic paper and arrange them in correct manner and then we adjust them in the right position and then we cut the syringes and adjust them and make a shape of a lock by cardboard. Than we make a key for the opening of the lock by making the correct structure from the shape. And than we adjust them and our full FUNCTIONAL LOCK is ready. In some time, we can do such amazing creativity.

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