British Cyclist Performs Outrageous Stunts in Forgotten South American

British Cyclist Performs Outrageous Stunts in Forgotten South American Town.

If you haven't seen the behind the scene footage of British cyclist Danny MacAskill performing some spellbinding stunts in the forgotten city of Epecuen in Argentina, you haven't seen anything. The video starts with the only living inhabitant of the area, Pablo Novac talking about the rains from 1985 which completely ruined the city. He mentions how the water from the lakes rose into the city and sunk it underneath, leaving it to be forgotten for many years.

Old Novac signs off pretty upset about the fact that his old city doesn't have much use for anyone anymore. This was before he met Danny MacAskill, who clearly had other ideas.

While there is not a lot of development left in the area, the surroundings are gorgeous in terms of scenic beauty. That coupled with the way director Dave Sowerby has captured the entire footage makes this a must watch. MacAskill first enters the video in minute 2.03, where he is seen riding his bicycle through terrain that seems unfit to even walk on, let alone ride. He proceeds to jump on his bicycle from terrace to terrace, on what looks like remains of old houses. He does this at times, landing on just his back tire, which makes it even more impressive. He is then seen casually riding his bike surrounded by water bodies, and director Sowerby does a fine job at capturing the essence of the area.

MacAskill then proceeds to jump onto multiple different structures using his bicycle, and often lands on just his rear tire. He uses the remains from the floods as a pathway to jump on and off broken roofs and seems like a real magician with his bicycle. Minute 3.44 of the video sees Danny move onto what looks like the broken down remains of a playground, where he proceeds to perform more incredible tricks on his trusted bicycle, which includes a ridiculous 360-degree flip that you must see to believe.

Minute 6 of the video sees Danny ride through what looks like a public park and he makes it his own by performing tricks that only he can pull off. The next few minutes is Danny pulling off the same moves as previously seen across different parts of this ghost town. The video then ends with Danny riding on into the horizon, with director Sowerby again doing a mighty fine job with the lens.

For anyone who is a fan of adventure sport or a fan of top notch lens-work, checking out Epecuen with Danny Macaskill and his director David Sowerby is an absolute must!

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